Last week one of the biggest land handbacks in Australia’s history took place in North Queensland. Ancestral homelands on the Cape York Peninsula are being returned to the Olkola people, bringing an end to more than two decades of campaigning and negotiation.

After being locked out of their traditional lands for almost a century, the handover is a chance for the Olkola people to return to country, to protect it, and to create economic opportunities for current and future generations.

The handover has been widely covered in the media.

The Guardian Righting a wrong: huge land handover to traditional Cape York owners.

Brisbane times Cape York land handed back to traditional Olkola owners.

ABC news Land handover in North Queensland.

In May 2014, Natural Carbon, Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council and Olkola Aboriginal Corporation announced their agreement to conduct savannah burning on their 13 000 square kilometres in Cape York to comply with the Federal Government’s Carbon Farming initiative. The savannah burning carbon farming activity involves Aboriginal traditional owners burning early in the dry season in planned mosaics across the country. Read full media release here. 

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