Australian carbon farming project developer, Natural Carbon, is celebrating the issuance of its millionth ACCU since it began assisting landholders with carbon reduction projects in 2014.

The milestone was reached at the end of the 2019 financial year following the issuance of savanna credits relating to the 2018 fire season. It’s a figure that will continue to grow by around 300,000 ACCUs annually, as Natural Carbon continues working with communities and landholders to reduce emissions and deliver returns to land owners.

“Natural Carbon is proud to unlock sustainable agriculture and reduce emissions through sustainable land management, with benefits for Indigenous prosperity, food security and resilient communities,” said Julien Gastaldi, general manager at Natural Carbon.

Gastaldi added that the company looks forward to contributing to the Queensland Government’s Land Restoration Fund, and will continue working with project owners to generate ACCUs following the Australian Government’s announcement of an additional $2 billion for carbon abatement under the Climate Solutions Fund earlier this year.

Natural Carbon currently assists 18 carbon projects in the Northern Territory and Queensland; 12 are currently generating ACCUs, and a further six are under development. Together, these projects cover one million heads of cattle and 20 million hectares of land in an area roughly the size of Victoria.

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