Natural Carbon develops carbon farming projects in Australia. Established in 2014, Natural Carbon Pty Ltd is a joint venture of EcoFutures, Climate Friendly, South Pole Group, McCullough Robertson and Object Consulting.

Natural Carbon brings together global experience and expertise across the full carbon project cycle – from concept to sales, providing a one stop shop for entities seeking to generate alternative revenue streams in a climate friendly way.

The company works with indigenous groups, farmers, and other land managers to achieve long-term economic and environmental benefits to their communities. Natural Carbon also works with leading organisations ready to reduce their environmental impact.

Consortium members


South Pole Group and Climate Friendly

  • Climate Friendly and South Pole Group have successfully developed more than 300 high quality carbon projects worldwide.
  • The Kariba REDD+ Project: The largest registered carbon project by amount of carbon credits, extending over 860,000 hectares. Serves as a corridor between Southern Africa’s existing national parks through savanna burning, REDD+ and improved agriculture. Implemented by the local community with more than 300,000 people directly benefiting from it.

McCullough Robertson

  • McCullough Robertson is a leading independent Australian law firm with 86 years of experience.
  • Native Title experts: Winner of Native Title Law Firm of the Year in Australia by CorporateINTL Magazine in 2013
  • Carbon liability and strategy: Advised a number of clients on their obligations under, the NGER Act and Clean Energy Act.

Object Consulting

  • Object Consulting, a leading Australian software engineering products and services company, brings deep IT expertise in complex data management.
  • The Object Bio-CCS Data Platform provides a data management solution for land-based bio-sequestration or emission reduction activities. It streamlines the data capture, record keeping, reporting, and stakeholder interactions for carbon projects.