Natural Carbon’s vision is that fair nature based markets deliver a habitable climate, healthy biodiversity and sustainable communities. We see ‘fair’ as encompassing the following:  

  • Integrity and scale – Contributes, at scale, to the achievement of the Paris Agreement; the UN Biodiversity Accord; and sustainable communities. 
  • Market Participation – Valuing the knowledge of, and actively promoting participation by, First Nations, small landholders and values aligned corporates. 
  • Properly compensated – Producers who do the work receive the maximum overall % of income for their efforts; and risks are appropriately managed and distributed. 
  • Active participants – The people doing the work are in control, knowledge is open, accessible, peer driven, uploaded and actively distributed. 

Natural Carbon prioritises three main customers:  

  • The planet and its future generations 
  • Those who want to participate in nature based markets, especially First Nations and small landholders 
  • Those who want to invest in high quality nature based assets 

Natural Carbon has an excellent reputation as a trusted partner to First Nations communities undertaking savanna burning projects that generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) under the Emissions Reduction Fund.