Melbourne, 23 November 2015 — Following the Commonwealth Government’s $2.5 billion Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) 2nd auction, Natural Carbon’s clients have been awarded a further nine carbon abatement contracts maintaining their 100% success rate at ERF auctions for carbon credits. Projects include:

  • Five new savannah burning projects delivering over 1.3 million tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement over 10 years on 43,000 km2 of land between Kununurra WA, Katherine NT and Lockhart QLD
  • Four new regeneration projects delivering one million tonnes of greenhouse gas abatement over 10 years on 2,000 km2 of land clustered around Cunnamulla in Southern QLD

The total Natural Carbon portfolio is now 11 projects covering 58,500 km2 of land generating three million carbon abatement credits over 10 years including three major indigenous savannah projects. This equates to nearly 1% of Australia’s land mass and an area almost equivalent to Tasmania.

Batavia Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (BTOAC) Savannah Burning Project

“The carbon project will support rangers to burn country early in the dry season and control wildfire in the late dry season that come before the storms,” said the directors of the Traditional Owners of Batavia Downs. BTOAC have been undertaking early dry season burns for several years to protect their ecosystem and to reduce the risk of wildfire on their freehold land and the Batavia Nature Reserve.

Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC) Savannah Burning Project

“CPC has nine properties included within the CPC savannah burning project and we are managing wildfire with prescribed early season burning not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but to protect pasture, cattle, fencing and other infrastructure vital to cattle production” said Tracey King, CPC Commercial Manager.

CPC is a major landholder across the tropical savannah belt from WA to the QLD Cape.


Natural Carbon is currently welcoming expressions of interest from landholders for a free carbon assessment on their property utilising the Vegetation Management (savannah burning) and Agriculture (herd management and feeding nitrates) carbon abatement methodologies.


About Natural Carbon

Natural Carbon develops carbon farming projects in Australia. Established in 2014, Natural Carbon Pty Ltd is a joint venture of McCullough Robertson Lawyers, Object Consulting, Climate Friendly and South Pole Group. Natural Carbon brings together global experience and expertise across the full carbon project cycle – from concept to sales, providing a one stop shop for entities seeking to generate alternative revenue streams in a climate friendly way. The company works with indigenous groups, farmers, and other land managers to achieve long-term economic and environmental benefits to their communities.

For additional information, please contact:

Julien Gastaldi, General Manager, Natural Carbon

m: 0479 043 903 |   e: 

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