Sydney, Australia, 1 May, 2017 – Natural Carbon is proud to announce the key addition of Julien Gastaldi as its newly appointed General Manager.

Natural Carbon started in 2014 as the nexus of five unique partners with a focus on developing carbon farming projects in Australia. Climate Friendly, South Pole Group, McCullough Robertson, EcoFutures and Object Consulting combined their global experience and expertise across multiple sectors to provide comprehensive climate solution services to rural and indigenous Australian communities. Since then, Natural Carbon has built an impressive portfolio, managing over 1% of Australian landmass across 15 projects that will generate three million carbon abatement credits over the next 10 years. The evolution of Natural Carbon is a true growth story, affirmed by a commitment to develop another 5MT worth of projects in the next 18 months. This will be achieved thanks to the new sequestration opportunities, and facilitating participation via their Northern Savanna aggregation project. Natural Carbon is at the forefront of the transition towards “Net Zero Carbon by 2050”. The profit-for-purpose company helps landowners, pastoralists, and indigenous groups deliver projects locally on their land, that together add up to meaningful change – at scale.

“Natural Carbon was established to meet the growing demand we saw for sustainable carbon revenue opportunities in the Australian agriculture and land management sectors,” says Peter Richardson, Director of Natural Carbon and Manager of New Ventures at Object Consulting. “As a pioneering company in this area, we have ridden a wave of unprecedented growth by tailoring comprehensive projects that provide carbon solutions, with a particular focus on delivering new revenue streams for indigenous communities.”

As Natural Carbon’s portfolio expands, it could not be a more timely moment to add a seasoned expert to the Sydney-based team. With 10 years of experience in business management and environmental consultancy, including indigenous community development in the South Pacific, Julien Gastaldi is key addition to guide Natural Carbon through this period of great transition and growth. As General Manager, Julien will provide valuable expertise for the continued development of economically and environmentally beneficial climate adaptation solutions in farming communities. Julien is one of Australia’s leading experts in carbon emissions and waste management. Prior to joining Natural Carbon, he worked as an executive for MRA Consulting Group, responsible for a broad range of environmental projects and the growth of the company Australia-wide. He is also the current Chair of the NSW Carbon Committee of the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) and Deputy Chair of the WMAA National Carbon Committee. Julien brings to the role extensive industry insight, technical expertise, and a passion for community development and climate change adaptation.

“Julien’s hire is a milestone for Natural Carbon, reflecting the significant growth the company has experienced in recent years” says Josh Harris, General Manager for Climate Friendly. “With such a strong background in environmental and community development, we expect that his leadership will further cement Natural Carbon as a leading provider of co-beneficial carbon solutions in Australia.”

“Joining Natural Carbon a logical step forwards for me, and an ideal opportunity to bring together my experience with indigenous communities and knowledge of how to drive climate change mitigation and adaptation across an industry,” says Julien Gastaldi, General Manager, Natural Carbon. “I look forward to guiding the company towards an even more impactful purpose.”

Natural Carbon has emerged as a leading carbon farming project provider to rural and indigenous communities in Australia. The inclusion of Julien is in line with the company’s mission to provide a full suite of solutions across the carbon project cycle to entities seeking to generate revenue in a sustainable way.

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Josh Harris, General Manager, Climate Friendly

Julien Gastaldi, General Manager, Natural Carbon

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