The Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research, together with government and industry partners, is putting together the first national Savanna Fire and Carbon forum, focused on supporting operational best-practice and the cohesive development of the Savanna fire and carbon industry. This forum aims to focus on the sharing of experiences from across northern Australia and identifying critical issues for the future of the industry.


Natural Carbon has been managing successful savanna burning projects since 2014, and will attend the event with three traditional owners from Batavia & Kalpowar, involved in Natural Carbon projects on Cape York Peninsula. Both of these projects are on returned Aboriginal land as part of the recent Cape York Peninsula tenure resolution process. Ongoing carbon revenue from the cool burning of savanna in the dry season is enabling traditional owners to get back on country and participate in an emerging economy. The three owners will share learnings with other fire practitioners from northern Australia so that their projects can continue to provide economic benefits independent of government grants.


The topics to be covered in the two day Darwin Forum on 27-28 Feb 2018 include:


  • Best Practice in Fire Management
  • Emissions Reduction Fund methods and the forward pathway
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Tools and Training
  • Industry Development


Natural Carbon attends the event as a leading provider of carbon farming and savannah burning projects in Australia and will present insights during the discussion of “Best Practice in Fire Management”. For more information about the event, visit the Centre for Bushfire Research.



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