Pioneering ‘herd aggregation’ project allows smaller graziers to earn carbon credits for the first time

Pioneering ‘herd aggregation’ project allows smaller graziers to earn carbon credits for the first time ● Innovative ‘herd aggregation’ project breaks down cost barriers to Australian carbon market entry, allowing smaller graziers to generate carbon credits for the first time● The project will be submitted to the 2020 Investment Round of the Queensland Government’s new […]

Natural Carbon celebrates issuance of one millionth ACCU

Australian carbon farming project developer, Natural Carbon, is celebrating the issuance of its millionth ACCU since it began assisting landholders with carbon reduction projects in 2014. The milestone was reached at the end of the 2019 financial year following the issuance of savanna credits relating to the 2018 fire season. It’s a figure that will […]

Clean Energy Regulator releases new savanna burning methods

Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator released the new methods for generating carbon credits from savanna burning projects on Wednesday 8 May. The new methods will allow project developers to earn offsets for carbon sequestration as well as emissions avoidance. The changes to the savanna burning methods were developed after research revealed that savanna fire management, which […]

Natural Carbon to sponsor three traditional owners to the Darwin Fire Forum

The Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research, together with government and industry partners, is putting together the first national Savanna Fire and Carbon forum, focused on supporting operational best-practice and the cohesive development of the Savanna fire and carbon industry. This forum aims to focus on the sharing of experiences from across northern Australia and identifying […]

Natural Carbon oversees first cattle herd management project in Australia as the red meat industry sets a carbon neutral target

Natural Carbon has facilitated the delivery of more than 20,000/yr Australian Carbon Credits (ACCUs) to a progressive Australian beef company, creating added revenue and reducing their emissions intensity. The achievement reflects a growing momentum towards stronger climate action as Meat and Livestock Australia announce today that the Australian red meat industry will be carbon neutral […]

Hire of seasoned expert Julien Gastaldi reflects period of growth for Natural Carbon

Sydney, Australia, 1 May, 2017 – Natural Carbon is proud to announce the key addition of Julien Gastaldi as its newly appointed General Manager. Natural Carbon started in 2014 as the nexus of five unique partners with a focus on developing carbon farming projects in Australia. Climate Friendly, South Pole Group, McCullough Robertson, EcoFutures and […]